Chinlone (Cane Ball) is a team sport from Myanmar which is more than 1500 years old. With elements from both Arts and Sports it has evolved an epic array of movement styles and techniques. Today, it is played all over Myanmar featuring the most legendary players. Its core principle: non-competitive teamwork: A peaceful but powerful philosophical message. JOIN THE CIRCLE!!!

Quotes from our Master Teacher: U Maung Maung (War Tha Nar Lulin, Mandalay)

„Chinlone resembles many different arts: The body movement is like dancing, while the footwork is almost like martial arts.“

„In Chinlone the objectives are different, than in other sports. Other sports use aggression to compete against an opposing team and earn points. (…) While our focus is on passing the ball in as much style as possible. I think that mindset makes this sport unique“

„No matter how stressed we are from life or from work, when we play Chinlone, they all dissappear. However frustrated and angry we might be feeling personally, as soon as we enter the court and play, we are engulfed in its fun-loving, friendly atmosphere“

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