Chinlone (Cane Ball) is a traditional sport from Burma. At least 1500 years old, it has developed an incredibly sophisticated technique, the most legendary players, as well as a strong peaceful philosophy

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Professional Chinlone Skills

Chinlone is good for health!

– It’s extremely FUN TO PLAY and keeps the body agile

– You play against nobody, but instead WITH EVERYBODY: Chinlone is non-competitive

– Chinlone BUILDS FRIENDSHIPS over time: training together regularly

– Chinlone promotes a PEACEFUL TOGETHERNESS: the less important the ego, the more fun the game!

Everyone is welcome in the circle: age, gender, cultural or religious background don’t matter in this game! Understanding this peaceful philosophy is crucial for becoming a Chinlone player.

Sascha Stransky:Chinlone…the perfect way to take your mind off things and focus it at the same time!

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