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In this picture you see the Chinlone (Cane Ball) being cooked soft after weaving for a more comfortable game. You also see the shoes that you can order here via Chinlone Europe. No profit is being made by selling these products. We are just the pioneers of providing Chinlone equipement to Europe, this is our mission. We want to spread the peaceful sport of Chinlone.

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If you are interested in Chinlones, or Chinlone Shoes, please contact us here: info@chinlone.eu

It is very difficult, if not impossible to send Chinlone Balls and shoes simply by ordering directly at a Company like WIN KO CHINLONE. Instead our friends in Myanmar will take our order, organise the Chinlones and the shoes, pack it carefully and send it personally to Europe. That’s why the price of a Chinlone or a pair of Shoes is 20 €

Two Balls/Pair of Shoes: 36 €  –– Three Balls/Pair of Shoes: 54 €

If you want to buy a stylish Longyi, please contact our friend at http://longyibrothers.com/ What is a Longyi? You’ll find the answer here

Keep in mind that by buying these products, you can foster and contribute to the survival of Chinlone Teachers, Players, Ball Makers, Shoe Makers, and our friends that support the international spread of the peaceful sport of Chinlone.

Chinlone can make the world a better place. So please support our philosophy of a peaceful planet, where discrimination, racism and the suppression of free people by anyone, including authoritarian regimes is not tolerated.

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